Professional Seminar: "Leading Global Environments with Japanese Values"

Friday, October 13, from 19:00

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About the Event

Mr. Masao Torii, President of Novartis Holding Japan K.K., has spent more than 40 years in foreign pharmaceutical companies including 21 years in Roche, where he was assigned in Marketing in the US affiliate and then to the head office in Switzerland. At the head office, he was responsible for the worldwide introduction of one of Roche's strategic brands. After Roche, he successfully led Japanese affiliates of Schering-Plough (2,000 employees) and Boehringer-Ingelheim (3,000 employees) as the President. Currently, he leads over 5000 employees at Novartis in its three key businesses of Prescription Medicines, Ophthalmology Medical Devices, and Generic Pharmaceuticals. 


Having spent more than half of his career representing Japan as the President of 4 Japanese affiliates, in this seminar, Mr.Torii will discuss how he utilizes Japanese values to lead his companies and earn trust from the global head offices. It is often said that Japan is lagging behind in the area of developing global talents who can perform in diverse environments because Japanese is an island country with its own language and culture. Mr.Torii argues that the uniqueness of Japanese culture and values could act as a source of strength in the global and diverse environments by sharing the challenges of working in matrix organizations and diverse culture of global pharmaceutical organizations. He will also talk about the challenges for non-Japanese people working in Japanese organizations.  As globalization has become a part of the corporate life in Japan, this seminar will be a good opportunity to reevaluate Japanese values for business persons who are facing the global competition and struggling to win. 




Friday, October 13, 2017


19:00 - 21:00


200 persons

Registration Fee

For General Public: 2,000 yen

For GLOBIS Students & Alumni: 1,000 yen


English (No translation provided)

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Part 1: Presentation by Mr. Masao Torii
Part 2: Dialogue Session with Mr. Gil Chavez
Part 3: Q&A

New to GLOBIS?

GLOBIS MBA Students & Alumni

GLOBIS Pre-MBA Students


Masao Torii

President, Novartis Holding Japan K.K.


Masao (Mark) Torii is the President of Novartis Holding Japan K.K. and has held the position since July 1, 2016. He started his career in Nippon Roche as assistant to the president and subsequently headed the diagnostic and pharmaceutical businesses. Following his 21 years in Roche in Japan, the US, and the Switzerland, he assumed the position of president of Japanese affiliates of Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Schering-Plough and Boehringer-Ingelheim, before finally joining Novartis in 2016.


He is a graduate of Loyola College, Maryland, USA (BA) and Sophia University (MBA) and completed Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School, USA.  He is currently an Executive Committee member of Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan.

Dialogue Partner

Gil Chavez

Professor, Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University


Critical and Analytical Skills
Marketing and Strategy
Management Philosophy
Facilitation and Negotiation


MS in Mass Communications , University of Kansas

BA, Colorado College


A corporate and marketing communications consultant for nearly three decades, Mr. Chavez has worked with many of the top brands and executives in Asia Pacific. He has spent nearly 20 years in international business in Tokyo. He has his own consultancy focusing on corporate and marketing communications. He is also a senior advisor to Kyodo PR, the largest independent public relations agency in Japan.


Mr. Chavez has also been a professor and lecturer at several universities, including California Polytechnic State University, and an analyst for Nortel Networks.s significant expertise in strategy, capability development and organizational development for organizations.

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